Citibank PayLink®

Electronic Payment, a module of Citibanking®

Citibank PayLink has been specially designed for Citibanking users. It allows the user to create and send payment orders or instructions, from the office computer to Citibank.

Citibank PayLink contains a data base which must be built by the user to register all suppliers and beneficiaries, so as to have on hand information related to payments ordered.

Citibank PayLink also has specific functions related to printer configuration; generation of reports on screen, by printer or on diskette; managing of security levels; data base status; import or information; etc.

Citibank PayLink offers the following payment methods:

Checks: checks issued in the client's office, printed with Citibank PayLink's software.

Managers Checks: the client inputs payment instructions and then sends the instructions to Citibank through Citibank PayLink to be printed as Managers Checks.

Transfer: the client gives instructions to transfer funds between Citibank accounts.
The decision to use Citibank PayLink Off Line or On Line is based on the payment expectations of the beneficiary and the payment methods of the client's company.


Flexibility: the client will be able to adjust the payment requirements of suppliers without having to change procedures or systems.

Costs Control: since the client may give payment instructions to Citibank, the client's company will not have to worry about volume increases or changes in the payment system of the country.

Rationalization of administrative tasks and increase of productivity: simplification or elimination of certain processes can signify a better use of time and resources.

Security: the staff will have restricted access to information and tasks based on the client's instruction. Further, the client can be sure that only pre-set accounts can be credited.

Customer Service: by making a local phone call, the client will have all the benefits of the Citibank's Corporate Customer Service Area - CitiService- from which the client can request information about payment status, functioning of the system, training of new users or any other need.

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