Citibank PayLink®

What is it?

Citibank PayLink® provides a complete payment solution for your local currency payments, providing your business enterprises with a convenient, fast, reliable and secure way to make in-country disbursements to your suppliers, vendors, shareholders, employees, other companies and individuals.

How does it work?

You input your payment instructions into the Citibank PayLink® system, via a download from your system or manual input. The information regarding beneficiaries (name, account number, etc.) is entered only once.

Establish a computer link with Citibank® in order to transmit the payment instructions and beneficiary information, as well as to provide authorization.

Payment information can be accessed using CitiDirect® Online Banking.

Citibank PayLink® makes the payments in accordance with your instructions:

What are the benefits?

Flexibility: The wide variety of Citibank PayLink® payment instruments gives you the flexibility you need to make your payments.

Cost Reduction: Increased automation of your payment process will reduce internal processing & administrative costs.

Security: A number of control mechanisms help ensure a high level of security. For example, access to the system is restricted to authorised company personnel through user profiles, which define the functions operators are allowed to perform.

Increase in Productivity: The simplification of your payment processing will allow you to concentrate on your core business activities.

Customer Service: With a local telephone call you can access our customer service area, CitiService®. You may request a visit from a technical specialist, information on the system's functionality, training for new users, or other services that will help you meet your local and/or international needs.

What are the requirements?

You will need to have a corporate local demand deposit account with Citibank® N.A., Jamaica or for regional payments, with any Citibank® branch in Latin America.

The necessary documentation needs to be completed.

The following minimum hardware requirements need to be in place:

Computer Processor
  • Minimum: 500MHz CPU (Generally indicates a Pentium® 3 machine, released in February 1999.)
  • Recommended: 1 GHz CPU
Computer Memory (RAM)
For Windows® NT 4.0:
  • Minimum: 128 MB
  • Recommended: 256 MB
For Windows 2000 and XP:(*)
  • Minimum: 256 MB
  • Recommended: 512 MB
For Windows Vista
  • Minimum: 512 MB
  • Recommended: 1 G
For Windows 7
  • Minimum: 2 G
  • Recommended: 4 G

For more information about CitiDirect and it’s requirements, please log on here.

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